Children’s AIkido Classes

Even though Aikido is a Japanese martial art, it is important that teaching methods change with the times. In the Children’s’ Classes at Zenten Aikido, we incorporate games and fun activities to pass on this art in a unique and modern way.  Through the practice of Aikido, children develop self-confidence, discipline, and the determination to face future challenges. The physical skills are applicable in all aspects of their lives, from efficient use of muscular strength, to being able to fall properly and protect themselves from injury. In Aikido we redirect an aggressor’s force to resolve conflict without inflicting injury. This compassionate approach to conflict resolution will help children become empathic and emotionally mature individuals.


Nishimachi International School


9:30am – 10:25am –Little Kids (ages 4-8)

10:30am -11:25am –Big Kids (ages 9-12)

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2:30PM – 3:25PM

Ages 3 – 5, Only available for ELC Students

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