What is Aikido?

What is Aikido?

Aikido is a modern Japanese martial art created by Morihei Ueshiba. As a student of numerous martial arts, Ueshiba, or O’Sensei, as he is known to Aikido practitioners, wanted to incorporate his deeply spiritual philosophy to create a new art based on peace and respect for our fellow human beings. The flowing circular movements of Aikido are based on universal patterns of movement found in nature, as seen in the video above.

O’Sensei, Morihei Ueshiba

The benefits of Aikido PRactice

Aikido practice strengthens the mind, body, and spirit helping individuals find their place in nature, society, and the universe. Training Aikido means being sensitive to how others are reacting to how we move and how our surroundings are changing.

When we practice Aikido we learn to fall properly, protecting ourselves from injury during the application of technique. The skill of falling safely will help prevent injury and is quite enjoyable once a level of proficiency is achieved.

As we age, and injuries accumulate, our bodies become unbalanced from guarding these injured areas. Aikido is an excellent activity to address this issue. The power used in Aikido practice is not based on exertion of muscular strength, but through the use of proper positioning to create mechanical advantages.

An Aikido dojo is not a place of aggression or dominance. Typically you will find people in an Aikido dojo to be friendly and willing to help newcomers learn, or adjust their own practice to accommodate the limitations of their partners.

Aikido is for everyone – the young, the old, the athletic, or the disabled. At Zenten Aikido we welcome everyone who wants to practice, and will work with you to find a program that fits your needs.